Reading Quran with Translation – Reviving the Connection this Ramadan

Are you a native Arabic speaker? If not, then do you ever think about reading Quran with translation? I realised while praying yesterday that I hardly know the meaning of most of the Arabic verses I read. And I am positive that I am not the only one. Yes, as Muslims, the moment we start talking our parents start teaching us Surah Hamd. But what about the meaning of those verses? Quran is the Word of Allah, and He speaks to us through His Word. How can we understand what He is saying to us when it is an entirely different language? How can we understand what He is saying if we are not reading Quran with translation?

Benefits of Reading Quran with Translation

I want to read more Quran this Ramadan, and I do not want to stop after Ramadan. So, after this inner dialogue, I picked up the Quran and started reading the translation of Surah Hamd.  The feeling I had.. I can try and try, but I will fail to describe the beauty of it. What I suggest is for each of you to open and read Quran with translation right now. You will know what I felt, and you will never want to read Quran without translation again. If you still need a little push, I will try explaining how reading Quran with translation will speak to you on a whole new level.

Connection with the Word of Allah

Arabic is the language of Quran and reading Quran in Arabic certainly has a beautiful feel to it. But yesterday, when I read Quran with translation, I could feel fully connected to it. You only need to read the translation of  Surah Hamd to feel each word speak to you. Knowing what Allah is saying to you and then repeating those words in the prayers knowing YOU know what you are saying to HIM is a feeling you wouldn’t want to miss.

Deeper Understanding of Quran

Quran is not just a book with religious teachings. It’s a book that teaches you the complete way of life. If understood, the impact of Quran on our lives can be life-changing. When you read Quran with translation, you will find so much more in it to learn from. Reading the translation will develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of Quran and help you fix your life in its light.

Heartfelt Prayers

We read different verses of Quran in namaz too. Read Quran with translation and try to memorise the translation of the verses you frequently read in Namaz. This way, the verses you read will not only be on your lips but in your heart too. You will know what you are saying, and that will make your prayer much more heartfelt.

Better Concentration and Focus

When you have the translation memorised you will repeat it in your head while reading the Arabic verse in namaz. This will make your mind concentrate on remembering the translation and thus, will keep your mind from wandering off. I have tried and tested this, and it really makes you focus on your Namaz.

Obeyance of Allah’s Command

Allah has clearly commanded the believers to reflect over the Quranic Verses to get a better understanding of the teachings of Quran.

[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded. (Al-Quran 38:29)

The verse does not state that we just need to read Quran, but we need to think over its meaning as well. So, now you know, that when you read Quran with translation, you are following Allah’s command. And whoever follows His orders is always graciously rewarded by Him.

We all have left Quran to become an adornment in our bookshelves or stay in the hands of scholars.  Even when we occasionally read it, we read nothing but plain Arabic. Our lips move, but our hearts don’t. For me to read more Quran in the blessed month of Ramadan and make sure I keep reading it even after Ramadan, I needed motivation. Reading Quran with translation has given me that motivation and I hope it gives you that motivation too.

Written by Yasreh