Ramadan Checklist – Do more this Ramadan

Ramadan Checklist

Ramadan is almost here, and I find myself thinking about the last Ramadan. With guilt of course. Major guilt. I’m sitting in my office right now writing this article for you, and I’ll be spending most of the day here in Ramadan as well. Last Ramadan, I was a happy student who had summers off. A student with so much time that I could have spent doing things that I’m meant to in Ramadan. Also a student, who spent none of that time doing the things they were meant to in Ramadan. If only I had thought of a Ramadan Checklist last year.

If you are a student yourself, you know how much free time we have on our hand during holidays. But you also know, how much of that time we spend on something productive. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; barely an hour. And no, binge watching series, listening to songs or playing games on your PlayStation doesn’t count as productive.

But what I couldn’t do last year, I resolve to do this year. The fact that I have a job now is not going to deter me. I will plan a Ramadan Checklist this time and follow it religiously. If you have similar feelings about last year’s Ramadan, please read on. If you think you did a good job last time, still read on, because you can do better.

How will a Ramadan Checklist help?

I can easily make my checklist here and just ask you to follow it, but that would be of hardly any use to you. So I implore you to make one for yourself. You know yourself better; you know your schedule better. As long as you keep your Ramadan Checklist realistic, it will definitely help you make the best of this Ramadan.

I’m sure you are thinking, you can’t follow through on this. Checklists, to-do lists and you don’t go well together. But remember, normally you make checklists for your own self. This one, however, is for a cause that I think is important enough for you that unknowingly, you’ll find checking it daily and making sure you completed all of it.

In very simple words, if you want to:

  • Keep track of how much you are praying
  • Keep track of the good deeds you are performing throughout the day
  • Identify areas that you think you need to work on
  • Be consistent in your Ibadah throughout the month
  • Be regular and try not to skip anything
  • Do more in less time

I suggest you start making your very own Ramadan Checklist right away. Once again though, please keep it realistic and make just one. Don’t make too many, because you will end up spending more time on reviewing and updating them. Time is wayyy more precious this month than other months! Make the best of it!

Written by Yasreh