Build a Daily Quran Reading Habit with QForQuran

What is Quran?

The Glorious Quran is the last Book of Allah,  revealed on Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is the only divine text that stays unchanged since its revelation as Allah himself has promised to safeguard it from any alterations. Before you begin to recite the Quran, you must realize that unlike all other books, Quran is a unique book by a Supreme Author. It is a book that contains a timeless message and has a universal relevance. The contents of Quran contain the foundations for an entire system of life, covering all subjects concerning human beings.

You don’t know what you are missing out on

Spiritual benefits in the form of rewards are only a little part of what you are going to gain from the regular recitation of Quran Reciting the Quran daily strengthens the thought process of an individual, making him ponder more about the purpose of things and life in general. Moreover, studies reveal that reading Quran reduces stress levels and blood pressure.

On the Right Path? Make sure you stay on it

Time and time again, you will find yourself drifting away from the Maker. But more than any other relationship, THIS is the one you need to focus on. Allah keeps giving and giving and even what He asks for in return benefits not Him but you. Making a daily connection with Quran will help you strengthen your connection with Him.

There’s still hope for us!

We get it; you probably are on your way to college /work or you might have just gotten back home and all you want to do is lie down in your bed and scroll down your Facebook feed until it reaches depths that even Facebook didn’t know existed. Even the thought of getting up, going to that other room and opening Quran for reading seems like a mountain to climb.

You want to reconnect with the Quran but, owing to your routine, all hope seems lost. Don’t despair, though, because when there’s a will there’s a way. With the aim to reinforce your struggling bond with the Quran and to cultivate a habit of reciting Quran Al-Kareem every day, we have developed a mobile phone application which is designed and developed solely for your convenience. QforQuran is the world’s first community-driven and habit building mobile application with inbuilt gamification that motivates you to read more.

It has the following set of features:

  • Build your habit slowly: Read Quran online in small steps based on your reading habit and speed.
  • Progress Review: Keep up to date with your and the community’s progress.
  • Collaborative recitation: Finish Al Quran with the community and get rewards. Help the community to reach its goal and finish your own Quran in the process!
  • Weekly Goals: Save your daily and weekly progress and set weekly targets.
  • Ease of Use: Simple Interface. Change targets easily with a single click.
  • Collaborative Recitation: Finish Al Quran with the community and get rewards. Help the community to reach its goal and finish your own Quran in the process!
  • Gamification: To keep you motivated, we have built gamification into our QforQuran App.
  • Social Media Integration: Share your progress with loved ones on social media!

We hope that QforQuran would be a vital source of bridging the wide gap that now exists between us and Allah  Keep giving us your feedback so we can make your Quran reading experience better.

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