10 Life Lessons by Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib

Hazrat Ali quotes

Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib was not only the cousin of Prophet Muhammad PBUH but one of his greatest companions. It is about none other than him that the Prophet PBUH said:
“I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate; therefore, whoever want the city should enter through the gate.” – (Tirmidhi)

It is on the 19th of Ramadan that Hazrat Ali was struck on his head with a poisoned sword while offering the Fajr prayer in the mosque of Kufa. The assassin was a khariji named Ibn e Muljim. Hazrat Ali Ibn e Abi Talib stayed bedridden for two days and finally succumbed to the injuries and passed away on the 21st of Ramadan.

Here are some life lessons by Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib that are full of wisdom and inspiration for Muslims and non-Muslims equally.

1. Do not let your difficulties fill you with Anxiety.


2. Live in hearts or live in prayers.


3. Silence is Beautiful.


4. Difference between the wise and the ignorant.


5. Self-improvement is the best revenge.


6. Look at your own faults before you mock someone.


7. Stopping each other from committing sins is love.


8. Think before making promises.


9. No sin is small.


10. Be patient and humble.

Written by Zara Irfan